Domestication of Lais (Ompok Hypopthalmus) in The Fishpond as A Sustainable Conservation Effort

Infa Minggawati, Lukas Lukas2


This research was aimed to do a domestication of Lais (O.hypopthalmus) in the fishpond as a sustainable conservation effort. The study was done in March – July 2016 on Fishpond Laboratory of Faculty of Fishery, Christian University of Palangka Raya. The result of the study has shown that the viability of Lais is 40% during the 5 months study, the mortality is 60%, the length of the fish is about 10-25 cms and the weight is 20 – 200 grams, out of the 200 fish stocked.   The maturity level of gonad III and IV is on May-July where the Lais started to mature and ready to conception. The feed used in cricket. Quality of fishpond : Disslove oxygen (DO)  7,8 -7,9 mg/l, temperature is 26,9oC – 28oC, pH  5,4 – 6,8, visibility is 25 – 32,50 cm.

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