Damage Status Assessment Of Agricultural Land As A Result Of Biomass Production In Probolinggo Regency East Java

Bambang Wicaksono Hariyadi, Mahrus Ali, Nurlina Nurlina


This study was conducted to identify and analyze the fundamental properties of soil and evaluate crop destruction status due to the production of biomass in Probolinggo, East Java Province. The research on status of land degradation due to biomass production was used as a guide by the regent in making policy on conditions determination and status of damaged land for biomass production of Probolinggo based on standard criteria study of soil damage in order to manage and improve the soil/land quality. Case study method was carried out based on surveys. Data collection and processing activities were conducted in the area where data collection was conducted at 4 subdistricts in Probolinggo, East Java. The finding suggested that of four sub districts, the status forBantaran damage land or land for biomass production was 3.867.89 (ha), land for biomass production was 147,234.60 (ha) with the percentage of 2.63%. Land damage status orland for biomass production inSumberasihSubdistrict was 2198.23 (ha), land for biomass production was 147,234.60 (ha) with the percentage of 1.49%. Land damage status for biomass production in Tegalsiwalan sub district was 3991.60 (ha), land for biomass production was147,234.60 (ha) with the percentage of 2.71 %. Land damage status in Paiton sub district or land for biomass production was 3922.74 (ha), land for biomass production was 147,234.60(ha) with the percentage of 2.66%. Land management to support the productivity of land Farms in Probolinggo, especially in villages in sub districts of SumberAsih, Bantaran, TegalSiwalan and Paitonfacedsome problems regarding the condition of land factors ofbulk density, degree water discharge, redox and microbes influencingland. 

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