Study and Analysis of Spatial Farming In Penajam Paser Utara, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Tukimun Rev, Mahendra Mahendra, Diah Ayu Wulandari Restuti


The need for food continues to increase in line and directly proportional to the number of people, in addition to the development activities in the new autonomous region that is a magnet for newcomers to try their luck, which requires efforts to increase food production continually and sustainably. In RTRW Penajam Paser Utara has clearly emphasized the one policy to develop the agricultural sector. Study tables and hydrological analysis of the two alternatives will plan the dam body and do more overlay two locations in the Permit Area in Penajam Paser Utara then obtained as follows: (1) For a visible alternative Tunan dam inundation alternative 1 is in the area of PT. Harum Mukti Lestari, while the second alternative body dam plan of the business license-free areas; (2) The nature of the business license of PT Harum Mukti Lestari planned Tunan dam catchment area is clearcut there should be a review of the permission to time Mukti Lestari PT Harum to harvest it will affect the sustainability of bendunganTuna conditions.

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BPS Penajam Paser Utara (2015) Penajam Paser Utara in Figures

BPS Penajam Paser Utara (2016) Statistics Rice Crops Penajam Paser Utara in 2016

BPS Penajam Paser Utara (2016) Development Index human Penajam Paser Utara in 2015

BPS Penajam Paser Utara (2016) Gross Domestic Product Penajam Paser Utara * by Industrial 2011-2015

BPS Penajam Paser Utara (2016) Welfare Statistics Penajam Paser Utara 2015.

IBPS Penajam Paser Utara (2016) People's Welfare Indicators Penajam Paser Utara, 2015. ra / Chapter% 20II.pdf. .pdf

Bylaw No.4 (2014) RPJMD2013-2018, Penajam Paser Utara.


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