The Assessment of Ecology Dimension Sustainability of Rice Production in West Kalimantan

Ekawati Ekawati, Darsono Darsono, Kusnandar Kusnandar, Novira Kusrini


The implementation of food security depends on food production. In West Kalimantan, the food production can be identified from rice production. One of the sustainability dimensions of rice production is ecology. The purpose of this study is to investigate the sustainability of rice production and the sensitive factor the sustainability of rice production in West Kalimantan. The data used was taken from four districts in West Kalimantan which are Bengkayang, Landak, Kubu Raya and Ketapang. This research applied Multi-Dimensional Scale which modified to Rap-Prorice and use  17 attributes that are: forest area, paddy field potential, extensification,  land conversion, pressure of use of paddy field, land suitability, rainfall, the accuracy of the rainy season, the use of rice seed, the use of organic fertilizer, the use of chemical fertilizer, the use of organic pesticide, the use chemical pesticide, the potential of pest organism, dry period, flood, and water resources. The results indicate that the sustainability of ecology dimension has less significant changes. It is evidenced by the acquisition of index score of 43.57%. This result occurs as it is influenced by six attributes that are; the accuracy of the rainy season, the use of chemical fertilizer, the potential of pest organism,  the use of rice seed,  dry period and rainfall. The increase of the sustainability of ecology dimension can be conducted through intervention and improvement of performance on the sensitive attributes.

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