The Success of Hatching Duck’s Egg in Petik Mas Program at Padang, West

Rudy Kusuma


Results of the public service in the Petik Mas Program in Padang was processed be a result of research, it is purposed to find out the successing of farmer groups in hatching our duck’s eggs by using the hatched machine that made byself in improving well-being and become a system in prosperous of suburban society or poor community in a short time (1-3 months). This research was using experimental methods with experimental design RAL (Complete Random Design) which consists of 3 treatments repeated 3 times. The first treatment is carried out by a group of first farmers partner, second Treatment is carried out by a group of second farmer partners, and the third treatments was done by Bachelors of the farm who have had experience in hatching of ducks. The results of the research was shown that the treatment of Variant (hatching) ascendant was give effect (p < 0.05) toward the percentage of hatching in  Petik Mas Program. The conclusion of this research, the hatching organizer was affect to percentage of hatching and the number of eggs that are fertile.

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