Urban Agriculture Technology to Support Urban Tourism

Yeni Ika Pratiwi, Mahrus Ali, M Ikhsan Setiawan, Hery Budiyanto, Bambang Sigit Sucahyo


Urban Farming (Urban Agriculture) is farmed by a narrow land use or intensification of land, in order to meet the needs of vegetables and fresh fruit daily for the public residential / housing in urban areas. Air inflated Structure technology as a support facility to increase production of Urban Agriculture, with Greenhouse portable system can be built and transferred to a specific location is convenient, safe, fast, lightweight structural materials (PVC 0,55mm Terpaulin) so that the Urban Agricultural products closer to residential customers in urban, impact prices getting cheaper, but quality. The objective is to plan, build and test the tent prototype Air inflated Structure Urban Farming as a facility to meet aspects of strength, speed, effectiveness, and comfort Greenhouse. Methods using methods Experiment, beginning with the design, manufacture and testing of prototype tent includes (1) a test of strength and endurance of materials to the weather (2) evaluating the materiality of the most effective use of structural components (3) test the speed of manufacture, transport, assembly, installation, demolition (4) test comfort. Tests conducted at the Laboratory of Narotama University and Merdeka University, proven to provide reliable results and satisfactory covering Strong tensile test up to 218.3 kg, durability of materials to> 700C, the speed of installation and dismantling installations become more effective and efficient and comfort indoor maximum temperature of 350C. Technology inflated Structure as facilities to support increased production of Urban Farming, also worth utilized as Agritourism (Agriculture Tourism)

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