Income Distribution of Rice Farming by Using Direct Seedling and Tranplanting at Tidal Lowland of South Sumatera Province

Yudhi Zuriah Wirya Purba, Wardi Saleh


The research objectives were to analyze cost, revenue and income distribution for rice farming by using directseedling and tranplanting systems. Method used in this study was case study, whereas sampling was done by using disproportionate stratified random sampling which consisted of 30 farmer samples for directseedling and tranplanting systems, respectively. The results showed that average cost and income per hectare for directseedling system was higher than that of transplanting system. Results of Gini ratio analysis showed that family income was uneven for rice farming by using directseedling and tranplanting systems with magnitudes of 0.123 and 0.242, respectively (which indicate light discrepancy in term of family income distribution). On the other hand, Gini ratio for family income distribution of combined planting system was 0.35 (which indicate medium discrepancy).

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