The Implementation of Model of Teaching Scientific Attitude in Subject Matter of Science At Junior High School in Indonesia

Wahidin Wahidin


The scientific attitude is important for students developed in schools to support of spiritual and social attitudes that are listed in the curriculum 2013. Scientific attitude of students will not appear suddenly if it is not constructive directly by the teacher. The learning models of scientific Attitude, is done with six steps namely; 1) formatting the Group
(group), 2) designing the program activities, 3) producing products, 4) getting an understanding, 5) internalizing the scientific attitude, and 6) conducting an assessment of attitude. The qualitative indicator appears as a lot of the results of the study which is characteristic of the attitude of the scientific domain with objective, systematic, logical and empiric.
This learning can build models of thinking patterns (mindset) of students and scientific attitude of the students. However, the average test results scale attitude shows instead that these models did not differ significantly between the experimental and control classes. There needs to be a follow-up study to refine the model of teaching scientific

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