Concrete Technology to Support Sustainable Tourism Infrastructure

Sri Wiwoho Mudjanarko, M Ikhsan Setiawan, Cholil Hasyim


Residential construction as well as building business in Tourism increasingly efficient use of foundation construction method of the present and friendly environment that has not been widely used. Model Foundation created is the shallow foundation and can be produced outside the project site in fabrication/precast made the concrete shape in the form of foundation sightings dimensions of today which so far as we know the foundation that provides full and thus require the usage volume stone large, uneconomic at once not environmentally friendly. The purpose of this study was to design a model foundation of today's best able to compressive force and a horizontal force, condition assessment model of connection between the foundation and the foundation meeting the condition of the foundation column section. Application of this model is expected to contribute to the advancement of environmentally friendly foundation construction without reducing the strength needed. Sustainable Concrete Technology has also become part of the solution infrastructure regional tourism a viable and efficient.


tourism infrastructure of the area; the foundation pre cast; sustainable concrete technology

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