Improve the Ability to read Comprehension By Using Media Picture Story Book on Children's Mental Retardation Class IV Special Primary School (Slb)

Indina Tarjiah, Elin Novelinda


Studies of this class action are aimed at improving the reading skills of mild mental retardation in children's understanding of class IV special primary school. The sample in this study is grade IV SLB B-C Works To East Jakarta, as many as 5 people. The medium used is a media picture story book. Based
on data analysis and interpretation of the results of the analysis showed that there are variations in the improvement of the learning results. On initial Ability gets a percentage of 44%, but these results have
not been achieving criteria of mastery 70%. Next cycle I get a percentage of 61% is already starting to show improvement but is not the whole of students achieve the expected success criteria. Then in cycle II get a percentage of 74% and achieved the expected success criteria. These results indicate that the media picture story book can improve the ability of reading comprehension in children of mild mental retardation class IV at SLB B-C Utility, East Jakarta.

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