Effectiveness Guidance Group Engineering Sociodramas To Improve The Ability of Self Adjustment of Social in Class VII In SMP State 2 Singosari District Of Poor

Erik Teguh Prakoso, Tri Desy Rahayu


Adjustment to the social is a human effort to be able to interact with other people and situations that exist in the
surrounding environment effective and better so as to create harmonious relationships between itself and the surrounding
environment. From the results of this study concluded that there is a difference in scores of social adjustment to the students belonging to the low level of self-adjustment. Valuepretest students' average scores before treatment with a sociodramas technique that is 74.8 with a low  lassification. Then after a given technique sociodramas, the average score increased to 97.3 with a high classification. If the results of statistical calculations show that the level of significance <0.05
then the hypothesis can be accepted on the basis based on theWilcoxon Signed Rank Test (WSRT) values obtained Asymp. Sig. (2-tailed) of 0.005 and smaller than Sig. 0.05. In other words, the hypothesis acceptable means of group counseling services with sociodramas techniques to improve the social adjustment to the effective.

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