Raising Public Awareness of Rubbish Recycling; The Experience of Pontianak City, West Kalimantan

Donna Youlla, Soemarno Soemarno


This research looks at the role of the Government of Pontianak City in raising public awareness in rubbish recycling.  The aim of this research is to gain an understanding of how the Government of Pontianak City in this case the Cleansing and Landscaping Department of Pontianak raises and develops an individual’s awareness of recycling in the area of Pontianak. The role of the Cleansing and Landscaping Department of Pontianak in waste management is already quite good. It can be seen from some work-related activities undertaken as education about waste management, collection, reducing and recycling waste, and also transporting the waste into polling stations to the final landfill of Batulayang.  The methodology used here is mainly interviewing, observation and data analysis through all material about recycling that is distributed by the Government of Pontianak City. Methods of promotion recycling in the Pontianak city include; promotion via website, schools, media, and community consultation. All of the promotion methods of recycling awareness are very simple, easy to understand, and directly target the whole community in this area. Eventually, the Government of Pontianak City still has to be more active in order to manage the waste problem, particularly the recycling issue

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