The Influence of Leadership and Competence in Puskesmas Preparedness for Supporting Flood Disaster Management (Case Study of Samarinda City in East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia)

Nurmala Mamnunia, Deffi Ayu Puspito Sari, Heridadi Heridadi


Floods are frequent natural disasters in Indonesia. Samarinda city has a very high frequency of floods, thus demanding preparedness for disaster risk reduction as a form of national defense. Preparedness is part of the disaster management cycle, in order to reduce mortality, disability, and suffering of the victims, leadership and competence of Puskesmas management is required as elements of leadership in the health centers. Using quantitative research methods, the objective is to analyze the influence of leadership and competence towards Puskesmas preparedness. Total 148 samples were analyzed with multiple regression techniques. The results showed leadership and competence together affect positively and significantly related to Puskesmas preparedness. All variables have positive coefficient value and significance at P <0.05. Leadership gave positive contribution of 3% of Puskesmas preparedness, while the competence gave 10%, meaning there are other factors that contribute to Puskesmas preparedness. Suggestion of this research is to improve leadership through the development of managerial leadership and improve competencies through training of disaster management.

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