Supervised Learning SVM of LoG Edge Detection X-Ray Image to Recognize Object Knives at Juanda Airport

Agung Santoso, Uli Ontang, Isturom Arif, Moch Hatta


The detection process is started changing RGB image to YCbCr and then the canal Cb is chosen followed by 3 processes consisting of making binary image, filtration and segmentation. The binary image aims to change image to white black, filtration is used to abolish noise, and segmentationto float objects using edge detection log followed and dimension calculation consisting ofthe value of Round value RV and Σ pixel. After obtained the next dimension values be normalized to get the right value for the SVM classification process is also useful for training data and data testing. SVM process results in the form of a graph when the data have been trained, but if you do not do the learning output in the form of a recommendation that the object is a knife object or not.


Canal Cb; Binner Image; Filtration; Segmentation; LoG and SVM Classification

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