The Use of Inhibitors to Reduce Corrosion Rate of Workshop Equipment

M. Fajar Sidiq, Galuh Renggani Wilis


Tegal is a city located in the northern coast of Java island. The ground water does slightly taste salty as it is too shallow and adjacent to the sea. Salty water which has the tendency to cause corrosion is worrying as it may result in workshop equipment damage. The purpose of this research is to determine the most appropriate inhibitor concentrations regarding to coastal environment, particularly related to workshop equipment.Corrosion is a quality decline caused by chemical reactions of metals with other elements found in nature. One effort to prevent corrosion is the use of a corrosion inhibitor which generally consists of chemical substances to inhibit or slow down the chemical reactions. The inhibitors used are ginger and coffee powder in three different concentration variations.The results show that ginger inhibitor with 30 ppm concentration results in the lowest corrosion rate. Ginger inhibitor is the best one to inhibit corrosion rate by 1.473 mmpy. The inhibitor efficiency continuously increases along with inhibitor concentration increase, resulted from ginger inhibitor by 31.57%. It proves that corrosion inhibitors may slow down the corrosion rate of materials made of metals.


corrosion; corrosion prevention; inhibitor

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