Machine Learning Approach for Analysis of Social Media

Zen Munawar, Bambang Siswoyo, Nanna Suryana Herman


Use of connection to the Internet network generally occurs in social media applications, or often called social
networks. Even the exponential increase in internet use is also present in social networking sites, as users often use the
Internet on social networks as well as the various types of social networks that have an impact on the amount of data
used to be regarded as Big Data. Exposure of Big Data is also presented briefly so that the reader can understand and
follow from the groove in this paper.Mechanical analysis of large data has been increased at this time, the literature
presented to support that data analysis techniques should also be conducted on a social media network.This paper
contains information about the literature regarding the data analysis techniques and algorithms that are large in social
networks. At the end of the paper presented also use means the use of algorithms for large data in social networks.


Social Media; Big Data; Hadoop; Machine Learning Algorithms

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