Design and Implementation of Fuel Oil Truck Monitoring System Using GPS, RFID, and Wireless

Syufrijal Syufrijal


Based on the condition above, this research will be focusing on creating a monitoring system
for a cargo tank truck using GPS (Global Positioning System), RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and
Wifi (Wireless LAN). This research is done in the laboratory of tech faculty majoring electronic of UNJ.
The method that is going to use is the experiment method, which is designed and tested so that it will be
implemented on the tool. There are GPS, ultrasonic sensor, micro controller Arduino Mega 2560, RFID
reader, GSM1 modem and wifi module that are going to be implemented on fuel truck system, while on
the server system, there will be computer and GSM2 modem. The input of microcontroller would be
transferred latitude and longitude coordinate from the satellite through GPS, level data which coming from
the ultrasonic sensor and the read tag RFID card system via RFID reader module. RFID tag card is used to
identify the truck driver. The next step of this system is a micro controller that will process the data and
send it to the server via wifi which will be saved in the database. The data sending through wifi module
can be done as long as the wifi module and the computer is connected to wifi router network. The
microcontroller could also send a location data of the fuel truck position by sending SMS to user‟s hand
phone through GSM1 if there is a request of sending location data from the user. Afterward, GSM1
modem will forward that message to GSM2 modem and the message could be saved. The program to
monitor GPS data, fuel level and RFID in the server is using open source software, which is QT with C++
as its programming language. MySql is used as a database for data storage. The result of this research is
that the server can monitor the truck tank location, fuel level, and truck driver's identity through wifi
network or SMS. This system can also save those data into a database


GPS; Microcontroller; RFID; Wireless; SMS

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