Analysis Of Islamic Bank Customer’s Satisfaction Using Importance Performance Analysis (IPA)

Muhammad Tho'in


Abstract. This study aims to determine about customer satisfaction related with services that has been provided by the Islamic banks (Bank Mega Syariah, BNI Syariah and Bank Syariah Mandiri in Surakarta), judging from service quality that includes variables Compliance, Assurance, Reliability, Tangible, Empathy , Responsiveness Analyzed by Importance Performance Analysis (IPA). The type of research instrument used is questionnaire. The data used is the data taken from questionnaires qualitative and quantitative data. To obtain the answer in the form of quantitative data is, it is processed statistically by using a Likert scale of measurement. Populations of this study are all of Sharia Bank customers in Surakarta. While the sample uses accidental sampling method. Data collection method uses the data of primary and secondary data. Data analyzing method used to test the validity and reliability testing. Result of this Researh shows that attributes the which need attention and Become the main priority in quadrant A repair is that sobriety, Bank have employees who can be trusted, and the accuracy of the which is the Bank provide services According to the promise. Based on calculations by using the suitability, the level of service quality on customer satisfaction Islamic banks Reached a value of 96.58%. Reviews These values are in the range of 80-100%. Overall, therefore, the customer is satisfied with the performance of services in Surakarta Islamic commercial bank.  


Keywords: Quality of Service, Importance Performance Analysis (IPA), Customer Satisfaction

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