Impact Analysis Service Performance In Establishing Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty

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Abstract. Researchers interested in researching on the effect of the performance of  service performance  and satisfaction in the formation of customer loyalty, so this study has the objective to test the direct effect of service performance on customer loyalty, and examine the effect of the interaction of service performance and customer satisfaction on customer loyalty. This study uses regression analysis. This research was conducted in Pontianak with research objects Kalbar Bank Headquarters. Samples were taken throughapproach purposive sampling as much as 100 respondents who returns 96 respondents from questionnaires distributed. The results showed that the service performance and customer satisfaction impact on customer loyalty. This makes the customer a reason to remain loyal as a customer and saving money in Bank Kalbar. The results of this study indicate that other factors referred to is customers outside local government employees, communities of West Kalimantan still choose to save in Bank Kalbar is because there is an emotional attachment as citizens of West Kalimantan.

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