Profile of Understanding Layers of Function Derivatives and Folding Back of College Student Prospective Teachers of Mathematics by Gender

Viktor Sagala


This research aimed to describe the profile of understanding layers the concept of the function’s derivative and folding
back college student prospective teachers of mathematics by gender. This study used a qualitative descriptive approach . The data
obtained is validated, then the analysis step-by-step reduction, data presentation, categorization, interpretation and inference. The
analysis process is guided to the understanding of the model which hypothesizes Pirie-Kieren owned eight layers understanding .
The results showed that there was no difference between the achievement of a layers of the subject of women and man, both of
them have an indicator layers of understanding ie;primitive knowing, image making, image having, property noticing, formalising, observing and structuring,then reaching also the first indicator (In1) of inventising layer, and indicators "ask questions about graphs the third-degree polynomial function" that leads to the second indicator (In2) of inventising layer. Based on the indicators of these, both subjects understanding layer ie inventisingoid. But both subjects distinc 10 (ten) items the process of achieving this understanding. Women performed twice folding back the form of "off-topic", and man made that
once. Instead of man performed twice folding back the form "working on the deeper layers", both subjects do not perform folding
back the form "cause discontinuous".

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