Scaffolding-Aided Inquiry Learning For The Improvement Of Students’ Mathematics Literacy Skills

Buyung Buyung


Mathematics literacy is an individual's ability to formulate, use and interpret Mathematics in various contexts, including
the ability to perform mathematical reasoning and to use the concepts, procedures, and facts, as the means to describe, explain
and predict certain phenomenon or events. The Mathematics literacy is about mathematical usability or functions that have been
studied by a student at the school. The usefulness of this skill is very important to survive in this current information and
knowledge era. Inquiry learning is a series of activities that emphasize critical thinking and analytical process to search for and
find answers to a questionable problem. Scaffolding is done in form of guidance given by an educator to the learners during the
learning process with more focused issues and positive interaction. The purpose of this paper is to provide solutions of scaffoldingaided inquiry learning to improve the students' Mathematics literacy.

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