Optimization Of Game Character Education Based On Traditional Physical Education Of Children With Behaviour And Emotional Problems through Learning Model Quantum Learning (Neuro Psychology Learning And Learning)

Yuni Masrifatin, Muh. Barid Nizarudin Wajdi


Abstract. Education character is a values ethical, aesthetic, moral, and in particular the culture of the lokal. Education of character shown to children tunalaras with the charecteristics of disturbed behaviour emotional and social. The child’s needs tunalaras characteristic of dysfuntional central nervous system causing the behaviours tend to stray. Optimizing the learning will occur through the contribution of synergies between neuro learning with learning psychology resulting quantum learning mode. The adaptation of the mechanisms able to reduce behavioral disorders in children tunalaras,so the child more controlled side of the emotional and social. Therefore it can concluded that the optimalization of character education based on tradisional games will give the change to the child’s behaviour tunalaras through of the physical education quantum learning..


Keywords: Pyshical Education, Quantum Learning, children, Behaviour

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