Is It Truly Employee Commitment Affect Employee Performance?

Asep Kurniawan


One of the crucial debates arises when employees reduce their performance.

The goal  of this research is to describe the influence of employee commitment towards employee performance at Bandung Dr.M.Salamun Hospital. Research method is quantitive method and collect data by quessioner, interview  , observation and documentation. The variables was employee commitment as the independent variables, the dependent variable was employee performance. Data have been analyzed through multiple regression, and partial correlation techniques.The result of this research showed that employee commitment influence the employee performance. The influence of employee commitment toward employee performance is positive it means that the more higher commitment the more higher the employee performance. The hypothesis which has been proposed, has been tested for its truth. The factors concerning employee commitment will influence employee performance. The result has showed that the mean of employee performance is 0.5310 or the grade variation of employee performance is 53.10 percent depending on employee commitment variation. A implication of this finding is that encouraging The Manager so that can be strongly expected to enhance the employees performance for servicing people


Keywords: employee commitment,and employee performance

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