The Impact Of Employee Job Satisfactions To Work Commitment: A Case Study Of Ministry Of Industry In Indonesia

Dewi Susita


Abstract. Number of employees of the Ministry of Industry more in the productive age, expected to increase job commitment, and it shows that employee commitment Ministry of Industry looks still low, so that researchers feel challanging to know how to improve the employees’ commitments, so that the aim of this research is to study the causal relationship between employee job satisfactions to work commitment. Survey was conducted in this with 189 sample of employees selected randomly. The data has been analyzed by path analysis. The findings of this research concluded that:  (1) there is a positive and significant effect of job satisfaction to work commitment in employee of ministry of industry. So, the conclusion of this research is by increase the employee commitment need to increase job satisfaction it self, by some  innovative ways..


Keywords: mployee job satisfaction, work commitment

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