Developing Scientific Approach In Learning Islamic Education And Budi Pekerti

Ahmad Sabri


The aims of the research to describe the most suitable model of scientific approach that can be implemented in learning Islamic education andBudi Pekerti in Padang. Research and development Four-D models (4-D) was used where the the data taken from Islamic education andBudi Pekerti teachers. Interview, observation, and focus group discussion (FGD) were
used to collect the data. The finding of survey revealed that the application of scientific approach is already applied in teaching
Islamic education andBudi Pekerti in Junior High School Padang designated as school curriculum implementation of 2013, but
the application of every steps of scientific approach is not maximized. Development of a model approach to scientific learning
Islamic education and Budi Pekerti in Padang done by adding structured tasks prepared by the teacher to be undertaken by
learners outside the classroom, and students are assigned to record information or make a map of concepts related to the
material that has been determined teachers to presented or demonstrated in the classroom. As the novelty of this research study
is that the scientific approach which was preceded by the provision of the task before learning to do learners outside the classroom, is very suitable to be applied in learning Islamic education and Budi Pekerti. The successful implementation of a scientific approach to learning Islamic education and Budi Pekerti is determined by the sincerity of teachers in guiding,directing and prepare everything needed learners in implementing measures scientific approach.

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