Comparison Identification of Leaf Shapes in Indonesia Using Edge Detection of Sobel, Roberts, Prewitt, Ant Colony Optimization, Ratio of Length and Width Leaf

Ratna Dewi, Dominicus Reynaldi Farada


There are many plants in Indonesia with different leaf shapes. The leaf can be treated especially for medicine. The leaf shapes can be categorized into some groups. One way to classify leaf shapes is by image processing. The advantage of image processing is that the processed object will not be damaged because the camera is not in direct contact with the object. The object in this research is leaf. Leaves identification are processed by: first, with the transformation of the colored leaf image into black and white leaf image. Second, edge detection leaf shape is done by several methods of edge detection of Sobel, Roberts, Prewitt, and Ant Colony Optimization. Third is thinning processing. The difference in the size of leaves cause the classification restricted. The difference in size of leaves caused by leaves age or distance shooting. Therefore, it necessary the ratio of length and width leaf. Some of the observed leaves are Acicular, Cordate, Lanceolate, Linear, Lobed, Bipinnate, Spatulate, and Even Pinnate. From the observation edge detection of Sobel, Prewitt, Roberts and Ant Colony Optimization have the same accuracy of 91,67%. An error occurred in the group even pinnate and lanceolate.


Edge Detection; Leaf Shapes; Sobel; Roberts; Prewitt; Ant Colony Optimization

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