Auto-Tuning Method for Designing Matlab DC Motor Speed Control With PID (Proportional Integral Derivative)

Mochlasin Mochlasin, Machrus Ali


The character of DC motor is nonlinear and for the permanent magnet is linear. Nonlinear characteristics of DC motors such as friction and saturation can degrade the performance of conventional controls. So if the automatic control will be difficult to implement because of the lack of nonlinear DC motor. The lack of a nonlinear dynamic model of a DC motor has limitations on the design of the circuit closed-loop feedback controllers. Saturation and friction can degrade performance and Conventional control standards. PID controllers are often used for motor control applications due to its structure and a simple control algorithm that is easy to understand. Controller parameter generally uses Try and Error. This method has a successful outcome but long enough and to obtain a satisfactory response system.This paper model of DC motor speed control is designed using multiple control, such as PID controller, PID Ziegler-Nichols, and Auto-tuning PID controls Matlab. The results of model performance DC motor speed control using Matlab Auto-tuning was found to have the smallest error steady state, settling time and overshoot better than PID Controller and PID-ZN (Ziegler Nichols PID). From the results of running the program get Auto-tuning Matlab in this study is the best controller with the fastest settling time is 0.2656 seconds and the smallest overshot is 1,0591pu.


Motor DC; PID; PID Auto-Tuning

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