The Development of Nationality Education Model for CrossCultural Youth

Komarudin Komarudin, Ubedilah Ubedilah, Syaifudin Syaifudin


The study is intended to uncover an applicative nationality education model effectively particularly for crosscultural youth. In terms of methodology, this study used methodological research and development. The place is located in
DKI Jakarta which lasts for 6 months (April to September 2015). The result reveals that nationality education model which
has been existed has not been managed systematically, integrated and contextual. As such, an alternative model is looking
forward. The nationality education model which is decided by this research is Score-A. Score-A means acronym from
spatial awareness (sa); cultural awareness (ca); organization awareness (oa); religion awareness (ra); economic awareness
(ea). These main five points become are models that can be translated basic nationality knowledge. Score-A points out on
three fundamental sciences which are an ontology, epistemology and axiology also it describes an important meaning of
nationality which is developed contextually, creative, and reflexive which can grow nationality awareness.n

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