The Use of National Education Network (Jardiknas) in Teaching Speaking by The English Teachers of Multimedia Class in SMKN 6 Pontianak

Rahmat Putra Yudha


The purpose of this research is to describe the implementation of national education network (Jardiknas) by the English teachers in the classroom and how well the national education network to be applied by the teachers in teaching speaking.

The research was conducted in order to show whether national education network (Jardiknas) was implemented by the teachers in the classroom. In this research, the findings were only focused in seven aspects; the aspects using computer, certain software, browsing the site, downloading the material, making own material, using other equipment, making animation. The technique of data collecting used in this research was observation. The samples of this research are three teachers who teach for SMK Negeri 6 Pontianak.The form of this research is descriptive method. The English teachers in Multimedia class of SMKN 6 Pontianak   were the sample of this research that consisted of 3 teachers. The tool of data collecting is observation checklist, which consists of 7 items to be checklist.The result of data analysis shows that the implementation of national education network (Jardiknas) by the teachers in SMK Negeri 6 Pontianak in teaching speaking was good with achievement score of 71,42. The highest percentage of the aspects being investigated among them is identifying the detail information. Furthermore, the choice of the aspects in teaching English in the classroom changed the situation and the condition of the class. Generally, the situation of teaching speaking process in multimedia class is so unique than other class.Nevertheless there are still some aspects that are not still implemented by the teachers in the classroom. Because in each class consists of heterogeneous students’ characteristics of learning, different condition of the class, and various ways so that the teachers can choose any options for their teaching.Finally the research is hopefully useful for various ways to teach speaking in the classroom. And the teachers can improve their teaching by using national education network (jardiknas) as technology in education scale. There are so many options for the teacher to use the technology which is simple and easy to apply.

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