Effectiveness the Training Certification of In-Service Teacher on The Improvement of Competency Profile of Social Studies Teacher

Dadang Iskandar, Acep Roni Hamdani


This research is carried out from the fact that the competency profile of social study teachers has not been optimal
despite they have taken the teacher certification training. There is a gap between the training participant which tend to
obtain a welfare improvement and the government expectation which expect to the teacher profile competency
improvement. The research objective is to conduct a deep analysis related to the effectiveness of the Teacher Competency
Learning and Training (PLPG) implementation to the competency profile of social studies teacher. The quantitative
approach with a survey method is carried out in this study while the study design is grouped to the descriptive and
verification study. The data is analyzed using Structural Equation Model (SEM) analysis. The Population and sample are
95 social studies teachers who have taken the certification training in the district 134 University of Pasundan Bandung in
2012. The result of the descriptive analysis shows that the learning process in the teacher certification training has low
effectiveness influence to the profile competency of social studies teacher. The instructor is suggested to stress the
andragogy learning concept in the learning process to achieve the training goal effectively. Therefore, it is also suggested
to perform a training implementation result evaluation to be a feedback for the next training implementation.

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