The Impacts of Senior High School/Vocational School Japanese Teacher Training Toward Teacher’s Pedagogic Competence Enhancement

Kardina Pendikarini, Dedi Sutedi


This evaluation on the training implementation for Japanese language teachers was conducted to find out the impact
of the training and its post implementation by focusing on the enhancement of the teachers’ pedagogy competence. This
research utilized qualitative method that is evaluative in nature. The results of the observation and survey show that there
was an increase of 50 % on mean on 9 out of 11 aspects that were parts of pedagogical competence assessment criteria. The
increase had a significant effect on the training implementation enhancement in general, namely 83-100%. There were some
subjects considered hard, as a result additional time allocation was needed. The reason behind this problem was the lack of
facilities and infrastructures available in schools. Thus, it is expected that Center for Development and Empowerment of
Teachers and Education Personnel (CDELTEP) or PPPTK Bahasa as an institution that organizes Japanese language training
can make some improvements such as adding the time allocation on the subjects considered difficult. In addition, CDELTEP
needs to conduct monitoring and evaluation regularly on the training participants, i.e. teachers, so that the strength and
weakness of the training can be identified.

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