Development of Learning Model For Developing/Improving/Empowering Students Teacher Competences By Integrating Audio Visual and Self-Reflection

Tri Sediyani, Yufiarti Yufiarti, Eko Hadi


This study aims to develop a model of learning by integrating multimedia and audio-visual self-reflective
learners. This multimedia was developed as a tool for prospective teachers as learners in the education of children with
special needs to reflect on their teaching competencies before entering the world of education. Research methods to
develop models borg and gall for the development of multimedia audio-visual products are integrated. The technique of
collecting data through observation, interviews in getting a needs analysis as a method for developing learning models.
The results showed that students courses Teaching Competency Development with audio visual multimedia capabilities
integrated with self-reflection can help teachers teach students to develop their competencies in special education with
disabilities and children with special needs.

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